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I received two emails this weekend (initials GD and PH), basically asking me about the same topic, in that both of you find it difficult to control snacking and are asking me if Gastric Band Hypnosis can be used to help with this.

Well, G and P, feel free to click on the previous posts on the right of this page further down. Look for a post entitled The Five Keystones of Weight Loss Part 4, posted on 19th April.

By the way, be sure to return to this update, there is something later in this post that will strongly resonate with at least one of you ...

Back to Today

There are more of your experiences in this post, all of which you'll find are truly inspiring. So many thanks to those of you who have allowed me to share your successes on this blog, and please keep them coming in.

To give you a 'taster', here's an unedited email I received from 17yr old Jody, who I met earlier this month;

Hi Tony,

This is the story for your blog.

I'd spent the day at Alton Towers, managing to only have a chicken tikka wrap for my dinner. Before I was due to go home, I felt a bit peckish so I decided to buy a packet of crisp, making sure there were only a small amount of calories in them.

When we set off home I became hungrier, so along with my friends I pulled the packet of crisps out. But as everyone else opened theirs and began eating them, I just sat staring at the packet in my hand.

I was unable to open them.

It didn't matter that I was quite hungry, I just could not open the packet of crisp. Physically I would have been able to open the packet, but something in my head convinced me not to even try.

I didn't actually eat them and brought them home, and they are still in the cupboard!


I like that Jody. It really is amazing as you can notice your relationship with food evolving. And sometimes, some of those 'reminders' that come along, afirming to you that you really are in full control, can be a relatively small thing that can make a huge impact on your motivation and confidence.

Well done again, it's moments such as those that have lead you to achieving a massive 8 lbs of weight loss in your first 3 weeks! .... Fabulous!!

The Biggest Secret To Weight Loss Success ....

I've had numerous conversations and emails over the last month or so, basically with people looking to identify when the best time is to get started on their weight loss journey.

There is only one answer ........................ Now.

The secret to beginning the process of losing weight, feeling fitter, healthier, have more confidence and more control, is to make a commitment to yourself to go for it, starting NOW.
Almost as though you are drawing a line in the sand, then stepping across it. Whether it's Monday morning, Wednesday lunchtime or Saturday evening, you can and WILL lose weight if you commit to making a start on it NOW.

Treat it like a project. Know where you are right now and know exactly where and how you want to be. Like any project, we need to come up with a plan, an end goal in our mind and we need to have an idea of how we're going to achieve it. We might need tools to use that we don't currently possess and we're probably going to need some support and back-up to help us with some of the intricacies of our mission. You may even begin to think about some of the many ways you can already see yourself doing things differently in the future. I could delve deeper into some of the 'fine detail' that we will find useful along the way .... BUT, all of this can only begin to have any real meaning, gain any kind of momentum or offer any kind of hope, once we commit.

I may have mentioned the following quote by William H Murray on this blog before, and it very elegantly summarises the magnitude of committing;

          "Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans:
That the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favour all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way."

Are you committed? Are you ready to take the simple initial steps to the other side of 'the line'?

Even if you're not convinced at first, it's important to realise that you can succeed in spite of yourself!

I can guarantee you one thing ..... If you don't commit, nothing will change.

Think about that for a second, it's unarguably true, beyond question. And I've underlined a word, just to remind you exactly who is in control of your next 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.

Read it again, and re-read the above quote from W H Murray. And as his words resister in your mind, maybe you can realise that Now is the right time, the only time, to embark on a wonderful and rewarding journey. 

'Gillians' Story

I received a phone call two months ago from a person (who doesn't wish to be identified, so we'll call her Gillian) who was desperately unhappy with her size, her weight, her eating habits and her self esteem. She hated shopping for clothes, hated seeing herself in the mirror, would often binge eat and felt she was "addicted to snacking".

Gillian and I had a really interesting conversation, at the end of which, she informed me that she was happy with everything we'd discussed and would be ready to make a start as soon as she had got her daughters wedding out of the way ... in two months time!

I explained that normally, people use an upcoming event like a wedding as an incentive, perhaps to slim down for the photographs, etc.
"I know what you're saying", she explained, "but I've got so much on my plate at the moment with this wedding to arrange, that I couldn't possibly focus enough on making it work".

Gillian was pretty adamant that she couldn't start now. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't convince her otherwise. Even though I had offered her the 'key' to unlocking her focus and determination to become slimmer, she was quite prepared to carry on eating unhealthily, stuffing herself with all kinds of junk foods at all hours of the day and feeling very low about herself, with a half hearted promise in her mind that the day will arrive (at some point after the wedding) when she will be ready to commit.

I sort of felt sorry for Gillian. She was working desparetely so hard to make sure that her daughters wedding day went perfectly, that she felt there was nothing left within her, to make that commitment and do something amazing for herself. But I couldn't push her any further, her decision was made.

As many of you will be aware, I quite often use hypnotic language patterns (a conversational style of hypnotic suggestion) when I meet clients for the first time, to begin the process of thinking about things differently because I could clearly see that she possesses focus and determination in abudance, it just wasn't being channelled in the right direction. All she needed to do was to commit.

The next day I sent a text to Gillian that contained nothing in it, but the words of W H Murray.

An hour later she phoned me back and simply announced, "I've done it!!", meaning I've committed, I've stepped across that line.

We got together on Friday 6th May for the Gastric Band Hypnosis sesion, and seven weeks later, on Saturday 25th June, she texted me a picture of herself at her daughters wedding looking and feeling a million dollars, having dropped 2 dress sizes (my apologies again for the extra expense of those adjustments! x), having transformed her relationship with food altogether and benefitting from being 23 lbs lighter (over half way there already!!)

I spoke to Gillian earlier today to ask if I could include this on the blog, and she agreed that had she not commited on that day back in early May, she would probably have continued piling on the weight, feeling even worse about herself and would have "hated the wedding itself, particularly the pictures". She even added that "I know in my heart that once the wedding was out of the way, I would just have come up with another excuse that would have allowed me to carry on waiting and searching for that 'perfect opportunity' to make a start".

The perfect opportunity to make a start is already here, it's been here all the time, you didn't need to go looking for it. It's Now. Just do it.

More Of Your Amazing Experiences .....

Some good stories and insights here from different stages in your weight loss journeys ...

Julie and her Mum came to see me about month ago. With a holiday looking, should she do something now or should she wait until she gets back .......?

Hi Tony

Sorry for the delay in sending this but better late than never eh??

After losing almost 3st on my own and a holiday looming, I was becoming less motivated to eat healthily and thinking I would start the diet again after my hols – how familiar does that sound???

That’s when I decided to see Tony for hypno band and boy am I glad I did!!!!!

After 10 days in Turkey I returned not having put on any weight……  a first for me!

I could actually walk past the cake stands, the Pringles parade and didn’t even feel like popping one ……  I couldn’t even smell the food coming out of the numerous restaurants and cafes.

I was in actually in control……

Since getting back I got myself an exercise bike and am busy cycling away in front of the tv!

Kind regards,


Both Julie and her Mum have had their respective Bands 'fitted' and it's great to see you're both doing so well. Thanks again Julie.

I also met Sue from Preston earlier this month, who has since gone on to enjoy an amazing hypnosis experience. Here, she asks ........
Why is it so hard to lose weight?

I have got to the point in my life ..due to bereavements,really bad/sad
relationships,bad diet and not enough exercise that i have to change.

I have been, for the most of my life, an attractive woman and i had no problem
getting the men! I am not sure if it is middle age or a too extravagent
lifestyle..but i feel terrible..not just for medical reasons but low self
I wont look in the mirrior. I dont buy new clothes. I wear elasticated
skirts and always wear black .. they say its slimming .. not when you get to 15
stone 10!!!

So i am determined at last to do something about this. I have been to
Weightwatchers/slimmimg world etc .Its an easy fix but what i have experienced
with Tony will make my weight loss sustainable.

He sees you in his lovely home before any hypnotism takes place and discusses
fully any issues/concerns you may have. I was there for 2 1/2 hours at no

So the day came. I was a little bit hesitant.....and now i have a gastric band.
(so my body thinks) .. this is the beginning of my journey.
It was so relaxing and, as Tony said, afterwards i had the best ever sleep. I am going to let anyone who is interested know how i go on my journey .. join me if you want (and NO im not on

Your mind is the most forceful place if you want it to be....and my motto;

"Dont treat your body like a bin"

Sue McNamara

STOP PRESS: (Monday 27th June @0700)

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the blog...just to let you know so you can put it on your next
one.... ive lost 8llbs since the hypnosis ....i think from not eating takeaways
and getting out my bike....and drinking lots of water....its been easy ....
feeling really good


Nice one Sue, 8 lbs in your first week is amazing by any standards. Good luck on your weight loss journey. By the way, that motto looks familiar!!

Next up, Elaine Adams. Regular readers of this blog will recall Elaine from a few weeks ago, after she'd lost 2 stones and found herself out shopping with heavy bags, that ironically enough, turned out to weigh 2 stones when she put the on the scales. (It's always amazing once you realise what 2 stones feels like, and to think that you we're carrying that weight around all the time!).

Well, Elaine has chalked off at least another stone since then and is currently marching confidently toward her fourth ....

Hi Tony

Thought you might like some feedback after our second hypnosis session. I also thought it might be useful for others to hear how I am doing, and perhaps anyone who is considerring hypnosis might be interested.

I wish now that I had kept a daily diary of our weight loss journey. I say ‘our’ journey, because you are so often in my mind, at times I feel you are looking over my shoulder.

It was a pleasant and relaxing two hours spent in your conservatory, under hypnosis, and there seemed no perceptable change that evening and when I went to bed I replayed in my mind all the things you had gone over during the session; I slept very soundly for a full 8 hours.

The following day however, I realised that things had changed and you certainly had tweaked my unconscious mind. I only have a very small breakfast and so didn’t notice any changes until it came to lunch, I ate less and found that I was fuller much sooner. The same thing happened at tea time, I prepared the same quantity of food as I had been eating to lose over 3 stone – and yet I found that there was just far too much.

As I lay in bed last night I listened to the CD you gave me. I was totally relaxed and found it very easy just to drift along with the CD, and drifted off into a deep and undisturbed sleep, waking refreshed and ready for a busy day.

I was very sceptical when I was first hypnotised. After all I had tried every diet you can think of, and yes I agree I had lost weight, but I had never actually discovered the key to control my weight and keeping it off. I was a yo-yo dieter, just getting fatter and fatter.

The door to enlightenment was always closed to me, but now I have the key and I have opened the door and now I know the secret. Its a bit like the Holy Grail. Sounds mad I know; but I realise that my bad eating habits had to be re-programmed into good ones and that is what you have done.

So many people now have noticed how much weight I have lost and every one of them asks which diet I am on now. They are unable to grasp the concept that I am not on a diet, that I can eat anything I want, and do.

And of course the key is that now I have been re-programmed so to speak, I no longer want the cakes and biscuits I used to crave. And I no longer eat the massive quantities I used to. I can happily throw away any unwanted food – But as time goes on I am throwing away less because I am buying less food and preparing less food.

I know I still have a long way to go I need to lose at least another three stone, but I am confident in my ability to do it and in your support to help me do it.

Thank you.

Thank you again for your kind words Elaine, and congratulations on such a fabulous result so far this year. Also, I have to say a huge 'Well Done So Far' to Elaines husband, Brian. He's also lost three stones in roughly the same time, as the two of them continue to spur each other on along their wonderful weight loss journeys.

So what's it all about?

It's about reaching the summit isn't it? It's about making a commitment to yourself, knuckling down and getting on with it, it's about persistence and perseverance, it's about focus and determination. And it's about feeling a deep sense of pride and accomplishment, a fantastically rewarding sense of achievement, when you've done everything that there is to do and you've won your race.

A word or two from Fiona Wilson about that ......

.... the end of an incredible journey for Fiona.

Also, a huge Well Done and Congratultions to Rebecca Porter. One of her goals when she came to see me was to become fit enough to take part in the 60 mile London to Brighton Bike Ride, (definitely not for the feint hearted this one!!), which she duly completed on Fathers Day, raising over £1500 for charity in the process.

We were hoping to have some pictures ready in time to include on here, so please email them over when you can Rebecca and I'll post them next time. Well done again.

Please keep your experiences and encounters coming in, I love reading about them all.

Best wishes


How to Break a Weight Loss Plateau ......

Almost everyone who has tried any kind of weight loss diet or technique in the past will have probably come across a 'weight loss plateau'.

Just when everything seems to be going so well, eating all the right things, in all the right amounts, everything going great at the gym, getting plenty of sleep, bad habits under control, and so you excitedly leap on the scales at the end of the week and ............ nothing! 

Hang on a minute! Step off, back on again .......... still nothing!!

Then to your horror, the same happens next week ....... and the week after! - What's happened?

Fortunately, there's no need to panic. This is most probably due to what is commonly known as a Weight Loss Plateau.

When we are losing weight, we are basically burning off more calories then we take in. However, it is a natural survival function of our bodies to try to 'correct' this 'imbalance'. This survival mechanism is built in to our genetic make-up. Imagine the potential for human survival if we kept losing weight because we couldn't find enough food (energy intake) when roaming the land thousands of years ago!

A weight loss plateau often occurs because the difference between the calories we take in and energy we burn off gradually balances.

So, how do we overcome this and move on ....

1. First and foremost, don't try to achieve too much at once. We'd all love the weight to come off 'overnight', but it just isn't possible. The safe rate at which our bodies can reduce weight, making all the neccessary internal adjustments as it's going along, is 1 to 2 pounds per week.
If you try to lose weight quicker then this, your body will take action by slowing your metabolism down to preserve energy.

2. Persistence is the key. It's understandable why some people become demotivated and give up once they reach a plateau, this is clearly not the thing to do.
Keep at it, your body will have undergone a lot to begin the process of weight reduction. Plateaus are generally just a temporary phase that our bodies need to work through, so stick with it.

3. Don't pay too much attention to the scales. Sometimes, what we mistakenly think is a weight loss plateau, is actually our bodies 'building muscle mass', particularly where someone has become much more active. Remember, as we tone-up, the muscle mass generally weighs heavier then the fat that it replaces. There will be a heck of a lot going on inside your body and you may begin to notice clothing feeling looser or parts of your body becoming shaplier and defined. This is fine, it means you're still heading in the right direction.

4. Mix your diet up a little. Also mix up your exercise (or activity) regime, perhaps doing something to stimulate other muscle groups. The effect of doing both of these can have the effect of 'tricking' your bodies survival mechanism and re-establishing weight loss.

5. This is an important point.  As our weight reduces, we burn up fewer calories doing the same amount of activity. For example, you might have a favourite walk that you've mapped out. Now, let's say that completing the walk will burn off 500 calories at your current weight. That's fine, but look what happens 4 months down the line, when you're 2 stone lighter. That exact same walk may only burn off 380 calories, because your body doesn't need to use as much energy to move your lighter mass.

The effect of this can mean that the calories you burn off reduce and reduce as your weight lowers (even though you're doing the sames amount of activity each week), until it matches the calories your taking in. Once this balance happens, a plateau can result. The key is to gently increase the amount of activity you do each week by at least a small amount, to stay ahead of allowing this type of plateau to occur.

We'll be exploring metabolisms in a little more detail in the coming weeks. In the mean time, you may find it particularly useful to keep the above 5 key elements in mind. As ever, remember to also stay well hyrated. Water keeps your muscles more efficient and will encourage more efficient calorie burning then someone who is dehydrated

In The News ...

There have been some really interesting articles in the news in the last few days;

You'd like to think that the country at large is a little more health conscious these days, wouldn't you? So I was amazed to learn that there are now more internet searches for "Diet Pills", then there are for "Gym Memberships". It's true, read all about it here.

Speaking of diet pills, more warnings come in about their usage, which continues to increase despite the fact that they are "seriously dangerous to human health". More here.

It isn't just alcoholic drinks you need to be wary of. So much of our 'every day' liquid refreshment' is packed with hidden calories, many of which don't even register with our brain (as water does) to make us feel partially satisfied. Read more here.

Hooray!! At long last, is the NHS going to allow hypnosis to become more mainstream and save millions of pounds of taxpayers money? Find out here

According to The Sun this week (it must be true!), "some experts believe walking is the nearest thing to "perfect" exercise. And they say walking at least 45 minutes, four days a week at a good pace, can lead to you losing more than a STONE in a year ..... And that's without changing what you eat".  More here.

Next time ....  More experiences and encounters from clients of mine who are at varying stages of their own weight loss journies. If you're reading this and haven't yet taken your first step, you might just find the next update worth taking a close look at !!

Best wishes


Wasting Food

One of the topics I get asked about the most for advice, is the subject of leaving food.

It doesn't come naturally to many of us to leave food on our plates at first, partly because we've been conditioned from a very early age to "clean our plates", "you're not going out until ..... " and my personal favourite, "there are starving kids in Africa!".

This conditioning installs the belief in us that 'eating everything that's put in front of us' is good, whilst 'leaving anything on our plates' is bad, and that we should feel guilty or wasteful.

Obviously, if we can avoid preparing too much food in the first place that would help to avoid being confronted by the problem.

Plan meals and shopping in advance so you'll know exactly what you'll need for the week ahead.

Weigh out portion sizes. Foods such as rice and pasta can be quite deceiving and difficult to 'judge' as they expand into a much larger quantity once cooked.

Serve up on smaller dinner plates. It's a psychological trick, but it does work!

If you have made too much of a certain dish (eg, curry, chilli, soup, etc), just dish up a moderate portion and freeze the rest, perhaps returning to it a few days later.

But, It Isn't Always That Easy ...

"Okay", I hear you say, "That's all well and good in an ideal world. What about when I get in, later then planned, and I just throw something together and stick it in the oven whilst I unpack the shopping, empty the dishwasher, feed the dog and freshen up!!"

Well, that's a good point (hang on a minute ... why are you shopping on an empty stomach??). So the reality is, you've finally sat down to your evening meal, got three quarters of the way through it and have realised that you're 'satisfied'. At the point you're satisfied, what do you do with what's left over?

I was talking about this exact point with a client a couple of weeks ago and this is how she viewed the situation; "Once you feel satisfied part-way through a meal, then you've already wasted the remaining food by cooking too much. So, no matter what you do with it at that point (eat it or bin it), it's still waste food!".

Just think about that point for a moment ... Your body could have been equally satisfied if you'd have cooked less food. As soon as your body has had enough food for your physical needs, any remaining food is waste .. it's left-overs.
Do you really want to treat your body like the kitchen pedal-bin and fill it with left-overs? I'm sure you don't.
Would you go to a posh restaurant and order plates of left-overs??
I'm sure you wouldn't.

Continuing to eat this wasted food doesn't mean that it hasn't been wasted, does it? In fact, it makes matters worse. Look at these two images.

So, as you can see, it's WASTE food or it's WAIST food.

It's pay now or pay later! Which do you prefer?

In fact, you really can start to feel empowered about throwing the leftovers away because it's a reminder that YOU really are in control.

Have a great week