Will Losing Weight Make You Feel Amazing???

"Are you kidding? ... Dead right it will !!", I hear you shout!

Well, it might do .... but you need to decide it will. The way you feel about yourself and the way you feel about your relationship with food is a 'mindset'. It's something that you can consciously make happen, but it won't necessarily manifest itself out of nowhere, as a consequence of 'just' losing weight.

Losing weight successfully and permanently isn't just about "burning off more calories then you eat". There's another element to it, your mindset.

Without the right mindset, many serial dieters find themselves 'yo-yoing' up and down in weight; They can follow a strict diet regime for a time and lose some weight, but their mindset remains that of perhaps a bigger person, with unhealthier eating habits. All the same mistakes and habits that caused them to become overweight last time are still there, lying in wait, waiting to be unleashed! So that, as soon as they let their guard down and come away from the rigidity of the diet plan .... POW !!... all their weight just goes back on again!! (and a little bit more normally, for good measure!).

In most cases, this is because the old habits and the old thought processes are so deeply engrained, that it still feels easier, more natural and more 'second nature' to continue with the old habits and often quite a 'battle' or a 'struggle' to develop new ones.

Mandy from Leyland came to see me recently. Through months of dogged determination and effort, Mandy had successfully lost a lot of weight and had achieved her targets and goals in terms of her clothing sizes.
So, did this mean that all her problems were now solved?

In her own words ........

“I suppose the reason for my visiting Tony was slightly different to most;
After years of being overweight I had been successful in losing several stones, but still felt my relationship with food was a battle.

I was either "good" or "bad", starving myself or bingeing. I was out of control and concerned that despite all the hard work to lose the weight, if I wasn't careful I would simply pile it all back on again. I had already put the best part of a stone on and was feeling pretty disgusted with myself.

I had never been hypnotised before and was a little apprehensive, however Tony very quickly put me at ease during the first visit by explaining exactly what would happen. The hypnosis itself was almost dream-like. Very, very relaxing indeed.

Quite literally the next morning, I noticed differences in my attitude to and with my relationship with was that quick! Food wasn't so much at the forefront of my mind as it had been, and the cravings for high calorie unhealthy foods seemed to have disappeared.

I found myself not only drinking more water but craving more water and enjoying it!

The guilty feelings I previously associated with eating had also gone. I now eat what I want without guilt, in moderation, something I found nigh on impossible previously.

Four or so weeks down the line and the weight has dropped off, without me really thinking about it. I know this may sound incredible but it's true!!! I've lost nearly 11lbs and look and feel better than I've done for years, and the best thing is I've not been dieting!!!

Tony, thank you so much for helping me regain a healthy relationship with food. I honestly wish I'd come to see you years ago. The future is now so much brighter, knowing that I don't have to battle with calories, points and guilt.

I am a very, very happy customer!”

Mandy, Leyland

Someone who found herself in a similar situation to Mandy, is Amanda in Chorley. Amanda updated me this week;

“Hi Tony
Got the wii fit set up and i am going to do some excercise today.
I would like to say thank you for setting me free from a diet trap of 20 years! – Never again will I go to Weightwatchers, Slimming World, Rosemary Conley or Scottish Slimmers!

I enjoy my food and eat slow enough to actually taste it – I also now know the difference between being thirsty and hungry!

Short, sweet and to the point from Amanda, but very effectively highlighting her feelings about exactly how effective diet plans are in the long term!!

Well Done again to both Mandy and Amanda, who are both continuing to do fabulously well. More client experiences soon.

For more on developing and maintaining a positive mindset, you can re-read The Power of Positive Words which I posted on this blog a couple of months ago. You can access it again by clicking;- here

This Week In The News

The Daily Mail came up with a great "Triple Whammy" of interesting articles this week;

Firstly, scientist have discovered that 'uncontrollable' urges for 'treats' can be caused by a drop in blood sugar levels:-

More, by clicking here

Now, how often do I go on about water?
This week, more scientists (although I'm sure they won't be rocket scientists!), have found that drinking water instead of fizzy pop significantly reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes;-
Read all about that by clicking here

Also this week, we read that weight loss surgery amongst teenagers has tripled in the last 3 years! And a fifth of these 'quick fix seekers', gain weight again within two years!!
More on that one by clicking here

Also this week, the Daily Mail asked, "Is Your Kitchen Making You Fat?", with even more scientists discovering that we are three times more likely to eat the first thing we see. 
Don't miss looking at this article, I think you'll find it very interesting. You can access it by clicking;- here
More next month ...
Best wishes, Tony


The (Not So) Great British Take-Away!!

British Take-Aways Contain "Shocking"

Levels Of Fat, Salt, Sugar And Colourings!!

In a week where the likes of Burger King, McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut all announced that they would be displaying the calorie content of their range of meals (by the way, if you missed that story, just click;- here ), the Great British takeaway was dealt another blow with a report that revealed illegal and potentialy deadly levels of additives in our Chinese and Indian takeaways.

Some of the things you may have heard me mention in the past regarding take-aways include flavour enhancer, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) used in many Chinese take-aways. Not only can this sometimes leave us dehydrated and feeling 'peckish' not long after eating our meal, it also comes with a whole host of other well documented health dangers. More info;- here.

Also, Ghee used in many Indian takeaways, is basically clarified butter. A single tablespoon of ghee contains 114 calories and almost 8 grams of saturated fat. Click here if you don't believe me!.

A Government Study Group has now revealed its findings after a survey of 90 Indian take-aways and 113 Chinese take-aways throughout England and Wales and makes very interesting reading for those of us who wish to keep an eye on our waistline or our blood pressure. Click here for more info.

Clearly, take-aways really are not a healthy option and certainly not a sensible food choice for those who are serious about reducing their weight.

As for fast food, take a look at the calorie content of some of the best sellers; (especially you pizza lovers!!!)

Chorley Mum Loses Over A Stone! ..... By Accident !!!

It's true! ... This is how it happened .......

"I went with my daughter to see Tony, as she wanted to lose weight.

I just expected to sit there with her, while my daughter was hypnotised, but Tony said I might as well be hypnotised too. I didn't really need to lose weight, although I was by no means at my ideal weight, but I thought 'well, if I can lose a few pounds it can only be a good thing'.

The experience was quite surreal, I dont think I've ever been so relaxed and tuned in to someones voice. It's hard to describe unless you've experienced it.

A lot of what Tony said to my daughter didn't really apply to me as I didn't have the same eating habits as her. We had already had a long talking session to get to the bottom of why my daughter was over weight in the first place, so Tony tailored the hypnosis specifically to my daughter.

Anyway, my daughter has done fantastically well, she has lost weight steadily every single week over the last 8 weeks and up to this point has lost a stone and 8 pounds.

The bizzare thing is though, is that I have also lost just over a stone!! .... I also felt like I didn't want to eat big portions, or eat the wrong foods, I made the right choices. I feel great about my daughter but also about myself.

It's exactly like Tony says, it's a journey!!

I can't thank Tony enough as my daughter has tried dieting so many times over the years and this is the only time she has managed it effortlessly!!!


Karen, Chorley"

Many thanks for that, Karen. Mother and Daughter both doing well, with over two and a half stones of weight loss between them in the first couple of months. Well Done Again!! 

"If Only I Could Look That Slim!"

I love this. An update from Julie earlier this week ........

"Hi Tony

I have lost 2lbs this week and am dead chuffed!!! 

Blackpool went great …… Although I could still have eaten my way from the pleasure beach to the North Pier, I didn't. And to be honest I didn't want to!!!  

As I was stood waiting for my friend, I glanced at this person in the shop window and thought, 'If only I could look that slim – I wish!!'   Then I realized, it was me!!!!!!

I didn’t want to eat at all then! …… LOL

I am away with Joyce this weekend so she is watching me and I am watching her …  I don’t think either of us will have a problem.

Mum is doing well too and she is now walking out of her skirts!

Thank you and speak to you soon. x

Kind regards,


Very Well Done again to Julie there, who's clearly enjoying seeing her reflection in the shop window, almost a stone and a half lighter then when she last looked !!

What's a Belt Punch?

I discovered that one of my clients had ordered a belt punch on-line last month. But as I was being told this, I was thinking to myself, "what the heck's a belt punch???".

Actually, it's obvious what a belt punch is ..... It's a tool that allows people with reducing waistlines to punch new holes in their old belts, rather then having to buy new ones!!

I never knew such a thing existed, but I'm sure it's a very pleasant and reassuring feeling when you need to order a belt punch, because you've worked your way down your belt to the last notch!!

So, just in case you're ready to chuck out your old belts, click here for all your designer belt punch needs!!!!!

That's all for now.

Take care,

Tony Schofield