Spring Into Summer Weight Loss Tips!

With unusually hot weather signalling an early end to spring, this is typically the time of year that many of us will be taking up weight loss regimes, in the hope of showing off a more slender figure in the summer.

However, quite often people find that their best efforts are met with difficulty and stumbling blocks. The thing is, even when we think we’re doing the right thing, we might actually be inadvertently sabotaging our own efforts.

Here then are a few questions you should ask yourself that can help you keep on the right track ….

1. Are you eating the wrong food? - Many people rely on cereal bars or protein shakes and fasting. In the long run, this rarely works because the foods don’t satisfy your stomach. Cheese sticks or non-fat yoghurt with strawberries could be good alternatives.

2. Are you working out too late? - Yes, you need exercise, but getting a good amount of sleep is just as important. Five to six hours of sleep a day slows the metabolism and causes hormonal changes. Also, fatigue could induce you to indulge in foods. Recent research suggests that those lacking sleep, tend to eat 500 calories more than those who have abundant sleep.

3. Are you working out too much? - Exercise is the staple way to take away your weight, but it does not work magic. Diet is the most important factor. Instead of working out six days a week, halving the exercise time and using the extra hours to fill up with fresh vegetables and plan your meals could be more productive.

4. Are you too obsessed with salad? - Eating abundant vegetables is crucial to losing weight. However, salad often lacks carbohydrates, which could make you feel even more hungrier. Adding brown rice or beans in the salad bowl or eating a soup or sandwich can be a better option.

5. Are you accidentally eating high-calorie foods? - By all means switch your white bread with wholemeal, ditch your crisps in favour of nuts and use olive oil instead of butter. But beware: they are not low-calorie alternatives. Don’t eat too much of them.

6. Are you eating too early? - Many dieticians advise people to refrain from eating late. But in fact, having about 70 percent of your daily recommended calories before dinner and 30 percent at dinner is fine. Just don’t search for chocolate, toast or biscuits at night.

7. Are you eating alone? - Having company at meal tables definitely helps us moderate the amount of food we consume. There is evidence that this is more the case for women.

8. Are you avoiding eating between meals? - It may be better to reduce the amount of breakfast, lunch and dinner you are having and squeeze in small, healthy snacks in-between. Your metabolism works better when you eat every 3-4 hours.

9. Are you keeping a food diary? - Researchers suggest that those who keep diet journals tend to lose weight twice as effectively as those who don’t keep one. Simply writing down what you have eaten can alert you to how much you are eating.

10. Are you drinking water? - Replacing fizzy drinks and juice with water could dramatically reduce your calorie intake. Those who drink two glasses of water, eat an average of 90 calories less than others per mealtime.

11. Are you skipping breakfast? - Those who eat breakfast, tend to maintain healthy weight in the long term. Just eating a whole-food cereal could help you start your day fresh and keep healthy, as well as lose weight.

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Many thanks to you both and Well Done on your fabulous achievements so far … keep it going!

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Why Do I Crave Chocolate And What Can I Do About It ???

The answer may not surprise you, but the reasons we crave chocolate are numerous ....

For a start, it tastes good! It's sweet on your tongue and creamy in your mouth. It provides calories and fat to ward off any hunger that may occur over the next few hours. It temporarily boosts your blood sugar, and even alters some chemicals in your brain that make you feel better. The caffeine may help you become more alert, and at the same time the serotonin (a neurotransmitter) more calm. Why wouldn't we crave chocolate constantly? It does so much for us!!!

A better question may be, "Why Are We Constantly Focusing On It?"

Sometimes, when we’re trying to lose weight or eat healthier, we can often fall into the trap of telling ourselves that chocolate is "not allowed" in our diet or it's "forbidden" or it's "bad".

When you tell yourself that something isn't good for you, even though you like it, you are making yourself want it more. Think about things you were told you could not have as a child. As soon as something was "forbidden", it just made you want it even more! When you were allowed to have it, it strangely lost some of its appeal.

Let chocolate lose some of its forbidden appeal and allow yourself have some. Obviously, not a 2kg bar of Dairy Milk !!! You might not even want to keep chocolate around the house or your office. Is there a reasonable amount of chocolate that you could savour, enjoy, not feel guilty about, and have your craving satisfied?

Perhaps the answer to that is "no", because some people simply cannot have one piece. "I'll eat the entire bag" they say, or "If I’ve had one bite, I’ll just want to polish off the whole bar”

So, consider a happy medium that works for you; One reason why people sometimes crave chocolate is because their blood sugar levels have fallen and chocolate provides a hit of sugar for quick energy. If you find yourself feeling moody, irritable, shaky and fatigued, especially between meals, then your chocolate cravings may be the result of low blood sugar levels. So, how about allowing yourself a couple of ‘guilt free’ squares of chocolate in the afternoon. Going about it this way keeps your blood sugar levels more stable, meaning you may find that cravings aren't monopolising your thoughts throughout the day.

Here's another question: "Why are you allowing yourself to give in to the craving?"

Think of some of the impulses we deal with each and every day. What other things do you crave that you just do not act upon because it's not socially acceptable? …. Think about what you’d just love to say or do to the boss when you’re getting a hard time at work. But do you do it?

Or what about when you’re just dying to smack that chewing gum out of the mouth of your co-worker, who annoyingly insists on chewing as loud and as annoyingly as possible, all day long? ….. Nope, you aren't going to give into that either.

And what if your friend got a brand new designer handbag. Wouldn’t you be just aching to take it home with you and make it your own? But would you do it?. No, of course not!

We all have desires and impulses every day that we don't give in to. They would feel good in the moment, yet we know there would be consequences, so we stop ourselves and turn our thoughts to something else.

What then, are the consequences of eating chocolate?

Well, a 100g portion of chocolate contains around 500 calories. Eating one of these every day will equate to gaining 4 ½ lbs in weight each month. Ouch! Keep that up and you're looking at nearly four stones a year!!

What’s that you say … you’re currently not gaining weight? In that case, this means you are eating the same number of calories that your body burns. The flip side to this means giving up that daily chocolate bar will result in a weight loss of nearly 4 stones a year. Some consequences, eh?

But, like an itch that’s yearning to be scratched, ignoring chocolate cravings can sometimes seem almost impossible. Well, here are a few basic steps that can be really effective for all the various types of sugar cravings;

Increase your protein intake. Often, our bodies will exhibit cravings for sweets when what they really need is more protein. This isn't true for everyone, but you may well find that having an egg, nuts, beans or a chicken breast can eliminate or significantly reduce the intensity of any cravings.

Remove temptations. Go through your fridge and cupboards. Get rid of the chocolates, the cakes, the ice cream, the biscuits, etc. When you go food shopping, make a conscious effort not to buy them. You’ll be amazed at how little you’ll actually miss these things after just a couple of weeks. A good habit to get into is to take a walk instead of eating dessert. If that isn’t an option, try brushing your teeth or using an antiseptic mouthwash after your meal. The aftertaste doesn't mix well with sweets and you'll notice losing your craving very quickly.

Get Distracted. By drawing your attention to something else, you will soon forget about your cravings. Whether it's watching a television program, reading a good book, playing on the games console, tidying up, or even just phoning a friend, you'll forget about that snack you wanted to munch on. Try to avoid sitting alone and thinking about your cravings.

Replace sweets and sugar with fruits. The sugars in fruits are digested differently than the empty calories of white sugar that are in most chocolate bars. The fibre in fruit also slows the absorption of the sugars so you don't get as high a sugar rush (and as low a crash).

Go for quality, not quantity. Eat a small piece of 70% dark chocolate instead of a chocolate bar. Have a small scoop of gourmet ice cream instead of an entire bowl of light ice cream. The treat will be more satisfying and you'll be consuming less sugar in the long run.

Read labels. You might be surprised to learn how much sugar there is in a lot of the foods that you eat. Being aware of sugar content can help you avoid high-sugar foods and kick the ‘addiction’.

Improve your diet overall. There are several ways to do this, but the following may to help with sugar cravings in particular:

Eating more protein will make you feel fuller and more satisfied.

Have small, frequent meals to help keep your blood sugar level stable and eliminate your body's need for a quick sugar fix. Also, avoid skipping meals (especially breakfast).

Take a daily multivitamin. Some nutrients help keep blood sugar stable, so ensure you get those by supplementing your diet appropriately.

Combat hypoglycaemia, or low-blood sugar by trying the following:

Eat a breakfast that is NOT sweet.

Have no sweets (that includes fruit, refined flour, and all sweeteners) until after 3:00 pm. After that eat either fruit or a fruit or grain-sweetened dessert rather than sweets that contained refined sugars. Eating sweets in the morning or early afternoon tend to stimulate sweet cravings throughout the day. You may even feel sick from eating sugars in the early morning

Avoid artificial sweeteners. Research has shown that artificial sweeteners cause intense cravings for sweets.

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