Can 'The Benefit Of Hindsight' Really Help With Your Weight?

I’m sure that with the benefit of hind-sight, most of us who are overweight would have perhaps made some different choices earlier in their lives, meaning they wouldn’t now be struggling with their weight the same.

And although it’s all well and good saying, “with the benefit of hind-sight…”, we can’t really use it to change anything now… or can we?

Looking back and wishing we’d done things differently in the past, certainly isn’t going to change the situation we’re in now. In fact, it can often make us feel even worse; if we’re feeling bad about our situation in the first place, looking back with this negative perspective will often cause us to say or think something like, “Well, that’s just my rotten luck”, or some other phrase that reinforces our ’acceptance’ that the bad situation we’re in, is almost pre-determined.

So, how can we use the benefit of hindsight to our advantage and more importantly, how can it motivate us to lose weight..?

Well, to use hindsight to our advantage, we need to also introduce its opposite number, foresight..!

Hindsight is all about looking back, perhaps to a time when things appeared or felt much better and wishing we had had the foresight at that point, to have made some changes; committed to the gym, cut back on alcohol, cut out junk food, etc

Foresight is pretty much the opposite; it enables us to look forward from where we are now, and imagine ourselves at some point in the future.

So, the first step is to consider your situation as it is now (by the way, this doesn’t just need to be about your weight. It can be about your financial situation, an unhappy relationship, an unrewarding career, etc), and cast your mind forward to some point in the future (10, 20, 30 years, etc), imagining your situation then, and how life turns out if you decided to do nothing to change it back in 2014.

Really allow yourself to imagine things as they will be. If it’s your weight, what has been the impact of your weight on your health? What about your joints and your breathing? Has it left you reliant on a wheelchair to get around? Really allow yourself to see what you can see, hear what you can hear and feel what you can feel about your situation at that point in your future…

What effect has your weight had on your relationship with your partner or loved ones? With your children or grandchildren? What are some of the things you can’t do any more? What are some of the things that your weight has stopped you from doing? Has it hindered you progressing at work? Has it stopped you enjoying your holidays as much?

Allow yourself to be totally ruthless and harsh on your judgement of this future self of yours… the harsher the better..!

And as you contemplate the fate of yourself at this point in the future, feeling unhealthy, out of shape, confidence in tatters… allow yourself to look back to yourself at this point in 2014 and allow yourself to think about what you would have done differently, if you’d had the benefit of hindsight…

Which foods you would have avoided, what actions you would have taken to get yourself into shape, what other changes do you wish you would have made ‘back in 2014’ that would have meant a much better quality of life for you ‘now’…?

Of course, in this instance, you really DO have the benefit of hindsight in your favour; and if you’ve allowed yourself to become really immersed in what life is likely to be like for you in the future (if you took no action now), then that can be a real motivator for you to plan to make some real changes, starting today (not tomorrow, not next week, today!).

If you’ve been putting off joining that gym, maybe now’s the time. Or if you’ve been holding off going walking or running due to the weather, how about now to change all that? And how about ‘today’ to clear out your fridge of all the rubbish, then go out and replace it with healthy stuff that you know is going to help you in achieving what you’re aiming for…?

Right Now is a great time to make at least ONE small change today that you wouldn’t have made if you hadn’t read this; I’m sure that if you ever end up looking back to this point in time, with the benefit of hindsight, you’ll be glad you did..!!